Dr. Monte Harrel of Harrel Eyecare Centers Speaks at Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference

TULSA, Okla., Nov. 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Monte Harrel, optometrist and founder of Harrel Eyecare Centers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, recently spoke at the Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference. The conference, which took place on September 25th, discussed new research on tools available to help people recovering from recent injury or improve learning and the benefits of vision care for many local area residents.

“A big part of the gathering was about the value of engaging people and improving outcomes in learning and rehabilitation,” said Dr. Harrel, CEO and founder of Harrel Eyecare Centers with locations spanning the greater metro area of Tulsa, Oklahoma. “Vision can be critical in education and how an individual interacts with the world, no matter your age.”

Dr. Harrel was invited to speak about early intervention at the recent conference. He was also awarded with the group’s “Health Advocacy Award.”

His topic was “Visual Fitness,” a useful new mobile and desktop program that can be used by therapists and educators to better work with patients on developing visual skills.

“The increasing popularity and accessibility of electronic tools has made quite an impact on new ways we can connect with patients and assist with their needs,” Dr. Harrel said. “Building visual skills can be critical.”

“Our vision therapy center has been offering these services for more than 10 years, and we enjoy seeing how well our patients have been doing and what an improvement the vision therapy has made in their lives,” Dr. Harrel said. “Besides the basics of helping improve or recover a patient’s reading, writing and general learning skills, this kind of therapy also boosts confidence in a big way.”

Dr. Harrel and the staff use various exercises and activities to help people correct visual problems that glasses or contacts may not be able to address, such as incorrect tracking or focusing, computer-related vision problems, or trauma from sports or impairment from an acquired brain injury.

Whatever the reason, the ultimate goal is the same: help develop the visual skills required for reading and learning.

Therapy services are only part of the care available Harrel Eyecare Centers. The three locations offer eye and vision exams; treatment of injuries and ocular diseases; and dry eye relief. The staff is always happy to help patients select a pair of frames that fit their prescription and personal style, or contact lenses.

Optical services are available for all ages, but Dr. Harrel especially likes working with pediatric patients. He began his career interested in helping children and families with their eyecare, and even completed a post-graduate fellowship in vision development and children’s vision.

Harrel Eyecare Centers offers a variety of optical care services and optical therapy. For more information visit www.harreleyecare.com or call (918) 745-9662.

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