Freedman Chiropractic Center, LLC Announces ChiroTHIN Weight Loss Program to Help Stress Eaters

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J., Nov. 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Freedman Chiropractic Center, LLC announced that the wellness center is now offering the ChiroTHIN weight loss program to help stress eaters successfully lose weight and keep the weight off. Chiropractor Dr. Ken Freedman recommends the ChiroTHIN weight loss program in conjunction with Reiki for long-term, sustainable weight loss. The chiropractor says that patients on this diet and lifestyle plan typically lose between 20 and 35 pounds within six weeks of beginning the plan. Dr. Freedman stresses that the program is successful because it not only helps patients adopt healthier eating habits, but also helps them learn effective strategies for coping with stress that do not involve food or emotional eating.

When it comes to losing weight, one of the biggest challenges stress eaters face is yo-yo dieting, says East Brunswick chiropractor Dr. Freedman. Even when stress eaters are on a diet, emotional triggers can send them back to comfort foods. As a result, dieting can feel like a rollercoaster with no clear path forward.

“High sensitivity to emotional triggers can lead to stress eating, which makes it difficult to stick to a healthy diet,” said Dr. Freedman. “All it takes is a disagreement with a spouse or a stressful work deadline to send emotional eaters straight to their comfort foods. Unfortunately, these foods are often high in fat and sugar, which can quickly lead to weight gain and undo any weight loss success. In order to successfully lose weight, emotional eaters must address their triggers for weight gain.”

Dr. Freedman says his patients have had great success using Reiki for identifying and managing emotional eating habits.

“Reiki works by reducing energy blockages that impair an individual’s ability to remain calm and focused under stress,” said Dr. Freedman. “Our certified Reiki master, Heidi Scanlon, finds that integrating Reiki with the ChiroTHIN weight loss program helps patients stay disciplined about healthy eating and maintain their weight loss, no matter how stressful their lives may be. The key is to address the emotional triggers around food binges and stop this unhealthy cycle.”

At Freedman Chiropractic Center, LLC, Dr. Freedman offers the ChiroTHIN weight loss program in conjunction with Reiki. ChiroTHIN educates patients about healthy foods that are readily available at the grocery store; there’s no need to buy pre-packed food, shake or bars. “Our goal with Reiki and ChiroTHIN is to empower patients to live their best lives,” said Dr. Freedman.

Freedman Chiropractic Center, LLC has been offering specialty chiropractic and wellness services for East Brunswick and central New Jersey communities since 1979. In addition to the ChiroTHIN weight loss program, the wellness center also offers chiropractic care for drug-free pain relief, detoxification through the Standard Process 21-day purification program, Reiki instructional classes, and community wellness programs. For more information, visit or call 732-254-6011.

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Source: Freedman Chiropractic Center