Twin Oaks Urgent Care Opens in Friendswood, Texas

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas, Nov. 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Residents living in and around Friendswood, Texas, now have a new option for their urgent care needs: Twin Oaks Urgent Care. Twin Oaks Urgent Care opened at the end of October. The clinic offers an extensive range of treatments for non-emergency illnesses and injuries, seven days a week. Patients can be seen between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. weekdays, and 9 a.m-5 p.m. on weekends, which makes it convenient for just about everyone’s schedule, especially those who aren’t able to seek help during traditional business hours.

“We’re hoping to be a helpful resource for the whole community, and are looking forward to meeting people of all ages,” said Dr. Cuong Pham, M.D. “Patients are going to appreciate the easy access to high-quality and affordable services we’re offering, including on-site, same-day labs and x-rays.”

People with emergency or life-threatening health problems will still be asked to call 911 or visit their local emergency room or trauma center, but Twin Oaks Urgent Care will be available for many medical needs to different members of the local community, including children, adults and seniors.

Twin Oaks accepts most medical insurance coverage options, including Medicare, HMO, PPO, HMP, POS and private insurance, along with patients who prefer to do self-pay at discounted rates.

“We really want to stand out to our local patients by getting them seen quickly, yet in a caring and personable way. The patient is not just a number,” Dr. Pham said. “Our entire staff has a focus on providing short wait times for patients, and then getting them seen by a board-certified physician. Because we have an in-house lab, we can make sure to get any test results analyzed as rapidly as possible for our patients.”

The medical staff has extensive training in emergency care, pediatrics and senior care, so they are ready for anything from colds and flus to sports injuries such as sprains, strains and fractures. Twin Oaks Urgent Care also has a variety of diagnostic testing capabilities, including electrocardiogram, which evaluates heart activity; a spirometry device, which measures lung health; and various tools to assess blood and urine. IV fluids can also be administered if needed.

In addition, when patients’ concerns are minor, but urgent, or when patients cannot get in to see their primary care physicians due to scheduling conflicts or having to wait too long for an appointment, Twin Oaks Urgent Care can help provide necessary medical services. One example is physical exams, which are recommended for everyone at least once a year. Physicals are also required for certain careers or activities; they can help spot possible health changes and allow the doctor to recommend necessary courses of action.

Twin Oaks Urgent Care offers high-quality and affordable urgent care services to Friendswood and surrounding area residents. For children, adults and seniors Twin Oaks is open seven days a week to accommodate your schedule and medical needs.

Twin Oaks Urgent Care, (832) 569-4390

Source: Twin Oaks Urgent Care