Fever looks to heat up the nightlife of mobile users

Kathleen Vaughn, special to
Source: Fever

So, what are your plans this weekend?

Imagine having a personal assistant at the tip of your fingers, ready to plan a night out for you at the very last second. With Fever, an event-finding mobile application that bills itself as an encyclopedia for all things nightlife, that is exactly what's being offered. Fever discovers and notifies users of exciting events customized to their personal interests.

Over the course of the last three years, Fever has raised $20 million in funding from top investors such as Accel Partners, Fidelity Growth Partners, Jeff Pulver and Bernardo Hernandez. Started in New York City, Fever has expanded to seven different European cities that include London and Madrid, and Seville, Barcelona, Malaga and Valencia, also in Spain.

The app features a variety of social events that range from the commonplace to the offbeat. Fever users are treated to a list that includes rooftop parties, underground pubs, restaurants, concerts — and even some VIP yacht parties. Among its attributes, Fever can also RSVP and purchase event tickets.

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Wunderkind Pep Gomez — Fever's 23-year-old founder and CEO — explained to CNBC in a recent interview that the app is more than just a list of hot parties — it's a specialized social network with its own twist for bringing users together.

"You can follow people that have the same passions as you and you can see what events they go to," Gomez said.

"We have a recommendation algorithm. The more you use Fever, the more Fever learns about you," he added. "It shows you something more personalized both on social and contenders you like. The experience is hassle-free, no crazy payments, easy-to-buy tickets; overall, everything is fully integrated into Fever."

The native of Spain got his start in the business at 16, when he was offered an internship to manage capital funds by his mentor,Hernandez, at Solon Ventures in the San Francisco Bay Area. There, he told CNBC, his passion for entertainment and the tech industry flourished.

Pep devoted his time to invest in companies, understand the business world, network with investors and hold conferences with other entrepreneurs. With plenty of experience under his belt, he left Solon Ventures after two years, and made Fever his full-time gig in July 2012.

Fast forward a few years, and Fever has grown into a company with about 100 employees, up from 40 just a year ago. Gomez told CNBC that Fever has an imperialistic vision that he hopes will make it a must-have for the socially inclined.

"Fever is empowering the world to make better plans. We are in the position of being one of the leading apps in the social event planning world," Gomez said. "Our future goal is to slowly and quietly focus on growing to other cities. Fever will put flags around the world."