Diet Doc Creates Holiday Calorie Loading Diet Plans that Enable Patients to Enjoy Thanksgiving without Weight Gain Worry

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- While those who have been struggling to lose weight are worrying about regaining and anticipating a weight loss setback during the holidays, Diet Doc clients are looking forward to enjoying the annual high fat, high calorie recipes. This is because the company has developed calorie loading diet plans that make it possible to, not only set weight loss goals, but to actually begin losing weight during the holidays.

Although it may seem counter intuitive to even imagine that the holidays could be linked in any way to a weight loss program, if approached with scientific insight, loading up with a high fat diet can actually be extraordinarily beneficial in the weight loss process.

By combining the most modern medical understanding with scientific and nutritional research, along with the best trained minds in the weight loss industry, the company developed calorie loading diet plans that enable their patients to lose weight, even during the holidays, without worry, anxiety or weight gain guilt. They incorporated evidence, researched in the 1980s, which revealed the link between athletes, nutrition and body performance. They learned that loading up on high fat, high carbohydrate foods for 2-3 days increases the body's metabolism and fat oxidation and prepares it to begin searching for stored fat that has sought hiding places in the cells and dangerously around the internal organs. Because carbohydrate intake is decreased after calorie loading, the body will begin a search for fuel, seeking out this excess fat, forcing it into the bloodstream and quickly flushing it from the system.

In their collaboration with scientists and biochemists, Diet Doc has also learned that individual genes are involved with metabolism. These genes are very adaptable and can change how they are expressed very rapidly. During times of sudden calorie restriction, seen in most weight loss programs, the genes change their expression to, "starvation mode." This means that the body becomes extraordinarily stingy and efficient about how it burns calories and uses its options for fuel. It conserves and saves calories and stores everything possible as fat.

On the other hand, loading with a high fat diet actually changes gene expression in the opposite direction. A sudden high fat diet will cause the body to produce more metabolic enzymes, shifting the metabolism into "abundance mode." Most importantly, the liver spikes its production of certain enzymes which up-regulates all the metabolic pathways in the body to burn fat as fuel. Important hormones involved in weight control such as insulin, leptin, and adiponectin also make corresponding shifts to burn fat. When the high fat in the diet is suddenly reduced, the body will remain in this fat burning state for days. The process is prolonged and fat burning continues if the patient switches to a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet plan immediately following the calorie loading phase.

Safe and healthy weight loss is a science. For this reason, Diet Doc has combined the most brilliant minds in the country and have invested decades of scientific research with the most modern medical and nutritional understanding, enabling them to help people in any part of the country improve their physical and emotional health through safe, fast and permanent weight loss. The company has become a leader in the medical weight loss industry and urges those who are struggling to lose that final 10-20 pounds to those who must lose 100 pounds or more to call today to learn how to get in shape without deprivation, guilt or anxiety. Their new calorie loading diet plans are planned perfectly for the holiday season, enabling their patients to enjoy their favorite foods without compromising their weight loss goals.

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