Sustainalytics Expands Its Carbon Solutions Suite

TORONTO, Nov. 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sustainalytics, a leading provider of ESG and corporate governance ratings and research, has expanded its suite of Carbon Solutions, which includes portfolio analytics, data and research. Increasingly, investors are aiming to better understand their portfolio exposure to carbon, to reduce this exposure and to implement low carbon mandates. Given the growing investor demand for carbon services, Sustainalytics has added Carbon Portfolio Analytics reports and increased its company coverage and fossil fuel research.

“Climate change is a top priority on political and regulatory agendas, and investors are realizing they need to understand carbon asset risk,” said Sustainalytics’ Global Director of Advisory Services, Simon MacMahon. “Regulatory risks, potential policy outcomes of the COP 21 Summit, and the changing economics of energy production are prompting investors to closely examine how carbon-related issues will impact their portfolios. To that end, our solutions have been designed to provide investors with the research and data needed to holistically understand their portfolios’ exposure to carbon-related impacts.”

Sustainalytics’ full suite of Carbon Solutions includes:

  • Carbon Intensity Data – Data on the carbon intensity of over 10,000 public companies to help construct low carbon portfolios or indices;
  • Carbon Portfolio Analytics – Measure and benchmark the carbon intensity of portfolios at the peer group, sector and portfolio levels;
  • Stranded Carbon Assets Research – Calculate oil and gas companies’ exposure to and management of stranded carbon asset risks; and
  • High-Impact Fossil Fuel Research – Identify companies involved in the most carbon-intense fossil fuels such as thermal coal and oil sands.

Sustainalytics’ Carbon Intensity Data and Carbon Portfolio Analytics solutions are supported by more than 80 custom emissions estimation models, which use a non-linear regression technique to provide better estimates. The company’s models are based on reported carbon emissions data points that include historical emissions datasets. To learn more about Sustainalytics’ suite of Carbon Solutions, please click here.

About Sustainalytics
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