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Cramer Remix: I don't care about an AGN-PFE deal

Cramer: I don’t care about an AGN-PFE deal

According to Jim Cramer, the market these days is defined by surprises: earnings surprises, news surprises, political surprises. And they keep coming.

Some of these surprises are obvious, and some are hidden underneath the layers of debt in a company. The good news is that for the positive surprises, the upside potential is unlimited. But for the bad, it could be a horrendous downward slope.

That is why the "Mad Money" host reviewed the top surprises of the day Thursday, to point out what could be opportunity for investors.

Before Thursday, Keurig Green Mountain had become known as one of the worst serial disappointers of all time. It was considered a fool's errand to own the stock. Consumers just wanted its coffee Keurig machine and no other products. The company was known for missing an entire holiday season and spending a fortune on nothing.

So, when Keurig reported a better-than-expected profit on Wednesday night, fantastic cash flow and a 13-percent dividend boost — Cramer was shocked.

However, Cramer noted that investors should stop waiting on a big surprise with a deal between Allergan and Pfizer. The reason to invest in Allergan is because of its cash flow and acquisitions that the company can make. Not a deal with Pfizer!

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Cramer always has his eye out for companies that can give investors an unparalleled perspective on what is happening in multiple industries.

One of those companies is FLEX, the company formerly known as Flextronics. It is the second largest electronics manufacturing services company in the world and has widely varied businesses that touch medical, automotive, aerospace, consumer technology like smartphones, wearable gadgets such as Fitbit, as well as printers and networking equipment.

"These days FLEX is more like an innovation factory, one that helps its clients invent new products and then continues to provide its expertise through every stage of the process, from design to production to distribution," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer noted that the stock is still extremely cheap even though the company has bought back a third of it. What could the market be waiting for? To find out, Cramer spoke with FLEX CEO Michael Mcnamara.

"It's hard for us to figure out … we just try to put up the numbers. Even the end of last quarter, it's kind of a slow economy, and we did a beat and raise," Mcnamara said.

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It is common knowledge at this point that both Home Depot and Lowe's are on fire. Cramer knows that aisles are selling out and certain categories are doing fabulously.

But what investors have not been able to figure out is how to profit on the country's robust home sales beyond these two home improvement retailers.

"We have been so worried about the darned Fed, so scared of our own shadows, that we have allowed stocks to creep up that now seem certain to bust out, despite the Fed, and despite what some would regard as tepid demand for new homes," the "Mad Money" host said.(Tweet This)

That is why Cramer chose his stock picks from the second best category; anything that involves remodeling or reconstruction. His selections that were the most investible were Stanley Black & Decker, Fortune Brands Home & Security, Masco and Masonite.

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Keurig Green Mountain Inc. K-Cup coffee packs.
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The health care space took a hit on Thursday and has been struggling ever since Washington took on the battle of drug prices. But Cramer wants investors to know that there are still plenty of high-quality health care plays with terrific growth that will be perfect to own when the Federal Reserve starts to raise interest rates.

One of those companies is Dexcom, the medical device maker that produces the most popular continuous glucose monitoring system on the market for people with type one diabetes.

What makes Dexcom's monitoring system different is that it does not require users to prick their finger with a needle. Instead it has a sensor that sticks to the skin and directly transmits blood sugar levels to a wireless receiver in real time.

Will this innovation dominate the world? To learn more, Cramer spoke with Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer.

"We focus primarily on the U.S., as you know; our growth story has been one over the past three years. And we made our investments here, we are going to start investing overseas more going forward," Sayer said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller- favorite stocks:

Valero Energy: "The stock doesn't even yield that much. The master limited partnerships are all just going down. We are not going to buy these things until we get a little pick-up. I don't trust the bottom is in yet in the MLPs."

Activision Blizzard: "I think it's absolutely terrific. I think you made the right move, I like the products. I like that last quarter, I think you are going to make some money in Activision. It's already up a lot, but I think it can go even further."

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