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Cramer game plan: Stocks that shine into 2016

Cramer game plan: Stocks that shine into 2016
Cramer game plan: Stocks that shine into 2016

Just one week ago, after a terrible tragedy in France and multiple pieces of disappointing business news, Jim Cramer would have never thought that this would be such a tremendous week.

"This is one surprising market, and this week the surprises were generally pretty darned positive. But can that trend continue to next week?" the "Mad Money" host asked. (Tweet This)

Next week marks an important week for Cramer, because it kicks off the holiday season into the rest of the year. At this point, he regards the market as being in the homestretch until 2016.

So with this in mind, Cramer shared the stocks and events that will be on his radar next week.

Perhaps we should use any weakness to sneak back into the winners of the last five days because I think they'll shine from now until 2016.
Jim Cramer

Monday: GameStop, Tyson Foods, Mallinckrodt, Palo Alto Networks
GameStop: Last quarter, Cramer thought this company delivered a good quarter. But then, last week, the stock plunged nine points on concerns that gaming hardware sales have been subpar. Cramer doesn't know if that's true, but there are so many short sellers for this stock right now that he thinks the negativity is overdone. So, he's looking for reasons to buy, not sell, after the company reports.

Tyson Foods: This company has undertaken a makeover to become a full-line food company, not just a chicken purveyor. But the last quarter didn't align with the new narrative, and the stock was crushed. Will it happen again? Cramer thinks even if it does, well, that will just get it out of the penalty box.

Tuesday: Campbell Soup, Hormel Foods, Dollar Tree, Tiffany, Signet Jewelers, Analog Devices, Hewlett Packard Enterprises and HP Inc.
Campbell Soup: Lately, the market has embraced old-line food companies with good dividends that are trying to be more natural and organic. The last time Campbell reported the stock sold off and then bounced back. Cramer says to be ready for a similar reaction. And if it does well, keep an eye on Kraft Heinz.

Hormel Foods: Cramer regards this company as by the far the most consistent member of the packaged foods group. He thinks the recent rally in the stock is not done, and he likes it going into Monday's weakness.

Signet: While Tiffany has been a disappointment, Cramer expects jeweler Signet to tell a story of a strong holiday season.

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Wednesday: Deere & Co
Deere & Co: Cramer is concerned about this stock because farmers haven't been doing well all over the world, and grain prices have been under pressure. He recommended avoiding John Deere, because even though it could be a great manufacturer, it may not be enough to drive earnings.

Thursday: Thanksgiving Day, gobble gobble!

Friday: Black Friday
Cramer expects to hear all about how promotional Black Friday has been this day. He thinks the winners of retail will have a chance to shine: Ross, TJX, L Brands, Costco, Home Depot and Lowe's.

Unless there is a large event, Cramer anticipates hearing the moaning of pain from mall-based retailers.

So, while investors are headed into a shortened week, it is one that is known for strength.

"Remember, we are now is the homestretch for 2015, and a homestretch often triggers more buying than selling. So, perhaps we should use any weakness to sneak back into the winners of the last five days because I think they'll shine from now until 2016," Cramer said. (Tweet This)

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