In tense times, Belgians call in the cats

Cats bring Belgium relief

With their capital city in lockdown amid fears of a Paris-style terror attack, Belgians looked for some relief from the tension. The answer? Cat pictures.

The lockdown continued on Monday, with schools and metros remaining closed. As Belgian authorities conducted a wide-ranging manhunt for Islamist terrorists across an otherwise deserted Brussels, police took to Twitter to ask the public not to post details of the search.

"For safety, please observe radio silence on social media about ongoing police operations," the Police Federale posted on Twitter, according to Google Translate.

But instead of radio silence, cooped-up tweeters in Brussels instead decided to off some steam by tweeting pictures of their cats - with the hashtag BrusselsLockdown. And in the way of all efforts at cat domination, the effort soon went global.

Soldiers patrol as the Belgian capital remains on the highest possible alert level.
Brussels lockdown: Highest alert level maintained

It looks like the police appreciated all the kitting around. The Crisis Center Belgium took to Twitter to thank users for not sharing police movements.

"Thanks to the media and citizens for their silence online as asked during the juridicial intervention tonight," it said.