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Office Envy: Inside Horizon Media's NYC office

Inside Horizon Media's HQ

Ping pong tables, beer on tap, and a terrace overlooking downtown Manhattan are just part of the reasons the approximately 1,000 employees of Horizon Media work onsite as the largest privately-held media agency in the world.

Inside its New York City headquarters, guests are greeted with multiple floors of open spaces, glass enclosed offices, and even a bar with multiple beer taps.

They have a large open space, called "The Dunes," which hosts meetings, lunches, and a regular panel series where CEO Bill Koenigsberg interviews influential figures such as Arianna Huffington.

Eileen Benwitt, chief talent officer at Horizon, recently gave a tour to CNBC and said, "Despite all the fun we like to have, it's a true work hard, play hard environment."

Horizon Media's NYC headquarters.
Source: Horizon Media

In the midst of the ping-pong tables and the basketball hoop, Benwitt, reminds anyone coming to the office that there's more than meets the eye. But that's sometimes a hard message to get across.

"When my son comes and visits, he hangs out in the game room. All he thinks is that we play sports," Benwitt said inside the company game room. "So it's a little confusing to him."

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