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Cramer Remix: Bank on this epic transformation

Cramer: This stock has been stellar & is improving

Jim Cramer has been paying close attention to J.M. Smucker lately, and has watched as it steadily improved itself for ages. At this point it has completely transformed itself from an old-school purveyor of jams and jellies, into a packaged food heavyweight with a powerful presence in baking products, coffee and even pet food.

So how the heck did Smucker pull off such an epic transformation?

Cramer regards Smucker as a multi-year story that has gradually unfolded over time as the company made a series of smart acquisitions. Its long-term vision is one that Cramer said he is willing to bank on, especially with the stock still so cheap at only 19 times earnings, a substantial discount to its competitor Kraft Heinz that trades at 26 times earnings.

With Smucker's 3.86 million share secondary offering that just priced at $121, Cramer thinks the stock would be much higher if it weren't for the secondary.

"Remember, the last time Smucker did one of these Big Heart related secondaries two months ago at $113, it turned out to be a terrific buying opportunity," Cramer said.

On Tuesday the market learned that Turkey shot down a Russian plane. It also found out that consumer confidence is plummeting, Brussels remains on total lockdown with the imminent expectation of an attack and there is a holiday travel advisory with a warning of increased terrorism threats. Even the Fed is ready to hike rates for the first time in years.

With such a discouraging backdrop, Cramer wondered how the heck the market rallied Tuesday.

"When you see days like this one, days where the odds are stacked against pretty much anything positive, and you nevertheless get a big turn … you have to recognize that sentiment is simply not working as a barometer of stocks," the "Mad Money" host said. (Tweet This)

Cramer interpreted the ability for the market to rally as it screaming that it wants to go higher — and it's willing to do so even with the bad news piling up.

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One stock that has been crushed lately is Hain Celestial, the king of the natural and organic food space. It has various brands, including Celestial Seasonings, Earth's Best, Terra, Garden of Eatin' and the Greek Gods Yogurt.

This formerly high-flying stock was taken to the woodshed in the past few months, plunging 41 percent from its all-time highs in early August.

Initially Hain was slammed when it did not deliver on Wall Street's expectations in August, and when it reported again less than three weeks ago, it posted in-line earnings and weaker than expected sales.

At these levels, Cramer wondered if the stock has been punished enough. To learn more, he spoke with the founder, chairman and CEO of Hain Celestial Irwin Simon.

"We are tough on ourselves. We put out great food, and with what we put out there you've got to be tough on yourself," Simon said.

With Turkey shooting down a Russian plane, Cramer thinks there is more than enough noise to contend with in this market. Especially considering what is happening in France and Belgium, investors are concerned that the market may not be able to rally this holiday season.

"Put it all together, and this environment can feel pretty darned daunting … but at times like these, I think it is worth taking a step back and seeing what we can learn from the technicals," the "Mad Money" host said.

That is why Cramer turned to Carley Garner, a technician and commodities expert who co-founded DeCarley Trading and a colleague of Cramer's at

Garner said that despite all of the noise, this is a time of year when the equity markets always seem to find a floor of support. So while most investors expect a Santa Clause rally, Garner thinks — after looking at historical data — this could be more of a Thanksgiving rally.

"Or maybe just like every retailer in America, the stock market is just celebrating Christmas earlier and earlier each year," Cramer said.

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One year after the large hack heard around the world for Sony, Cramer sees most cybersecurity stocks struggling. But there is one best-of-breed cybersecurity play that has made a comeback, and Cramer has crowned it as the winner — Palo Alto Networks.

"I know a lot of people have been saying 'yeah, yeah, sure, sure' about Palo Alto because it is not yet profitable, but I think some very big free cash flow projections will ameliorate that concern," the "Mad Money" host said.

Palo Alto reported earnings on Tuesday, and confirmed a stunning 61 percent billings growth year over year, and a 71 percent increase in deferred revenue. Cramer interpreted those numbers as meaning that, down the road, the profits will be there for Palo Alto.

"With these numbers, it seems to me that Palo Alto is the one that is winning in this less episodic environment," Cramer said.

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In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Wynn Resorts, Limited: "No, we are not going to go with Wynn. As much as we like Steve Wynn [CEO] we are going to split the difference and hedge our bets. We are going to buy MGM, which I really like."

Platform Specialty Products: "Painn! That's right, and it does feel creed-like. Here is the problem — it got a little cocky and these kinds of deals, whether it be this or any other kinds of roll-ups, they kind of backfired. You have got to wait."

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