COPsync Launches Expansion Into the Northeast Region

DALLAS, Nov. 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- COPsync, Inc., (NASDAQ:COYN), which operates the nation's only law enforcement in-car information sharing and communication network and the COPsync911 threat alert service for schools, government buildings, hospitals and other potentially at-risk facilities, is pleased to announce a new alliance with Hudson Strategies Government Relations (HSGR), a New York-based consulting firm, staffed by former law enforcement professionals with a combined 75 years of policing, to assist COPsync with expansion in the Northeast region of the United States.

In early November, COPsync hosted several of HSGR law enforcement consultants at its corporate office in Texas. The HSGR executive team toured the COPsync facilities and conducted an in-depth examination of the practical field operations of the COPsync system, including travel throughout the area speaking with over a dozen police chiefs, sheriffs, constables and officers in both urban and rural environments. After spending time in the field with the actual police officers using the COPsync system, HSGR departed extremely impressed with the comprehensive suite of applications and user-friendly operation.

Richard E. Mulvaney, General Counsel at Hudson Strategies Government Relations stated, "We believe that the COPsync system will change the face of policing once implemented across the country. The COPsync Network enables disparate law enforcement agencies to communicate between and among themselves in real-time and share mission critical information in real-time as if they were one law enforcement agency. With the COPsync Network, seamless interoperability is no longer an unattainable goal. Even further, fiscal restrictions that historically prevented interagency communications in a timely and useful manner are now a thing of the past with the proven COPsync system, already being used by hundreds of law enforcement agencies in nine states throughout the U.S."

"This software is built around officer safety, and every aspect of the technology is optimized for street level use by police officers," continued Gordon Warnock, Managing Director of Hudson Strategies.

While COPsync already holds a presence in the Northeastern states of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, working with HSGR will enable COPsync to capitalize on current Northeastern initiatives and accelerate expansion of the COPsync systems. HSGR will assist in the development of several strategic plans aimed to establish and expand the COPsync footprint in the Northeast police community and several bi-state police agencies through flagship accounts. Additionally, HSGR intends to implement a macro strategy to repeat this expansion methodology in other regions throughout the United States.

Ronald A. Woessner, Chief Executive Officer of COPsync, Inc. commented, "The COPsync Network fulfills the purpose of the National Blue Alert Law for law enforcement officer safety and the contemplated FirstNet nationwide public safety broadband network system for first responder emergency communication. The alliance with HSGR is expected to result in additional customers in new areas of the Northeast as more and more law enforcement agencies become acquainted with its capabilities."

About COPsync, Inc.

COPsync, Inc. (NASDAQ:COYN) is a technology company that improves communication between and among law enforcement officers and agencies from differing jurisdictions to help them prevent and respond more quickly to crime. The COPsync Network connects law enforcement officers and agencies to a common communications system, which gives officers instant access to actionable, mission-critical data and enables them to share information and communicate in real-time with other officers and agencies, even those hundreds and thousands of miles away. The Network's companion, COPsync911 threat alert system, enables schools, courts, hospitals, government buildings, energy, telecommunications and other potentially at-risk facilities to automatically and silently send threat alerts directly to local law enforcement officers in their patrol cars in the event of a crisis, thereby speeding first responder response times and saving minutes when seconds count. The COPsync Network saves officer and citizen lives, reduces unsolved crimes and assists in apprehending criminals and interdicting criminal behavior -- through such features as a nationwide officer safety alert system, GPS/auto vehicle location and distance-based alerts for crimes in progress, such as school crisis situations, child abductions, bank robberies and police pursuits. The COPsync Network also eliminates manual processes and increases officer productivity by enabling officers to electronically write tickets, accident reports, DUI forms, arrest forms and incident and offense reports. The company also sells VidTac(R), an in-vehicle, software-driven video system for law enforcement. Visit and for more information.

About Hudson Strategies Government Relations

Hudson Strategies Government Relations (HSGR) is a New York-based, full-service strategic communications firm that specializes in high-value public affairs at the intersection of business, government, politics and media. HSGR's services include bipartisan federal, state and local government affairs, issues/crisis/strategic counsel, public opinion research, advocacy/issue advertising, business to business relations, strategic media relations and public relations, and public affairs and political campaign management. Hudson Strategies Government Relations' political division has been involved in successful political campaigns both nationally and in every corner of New York State, including major statewide campaigns and victories in New York City.

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