Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. (RMHB) Signs LOI With Comanche Family to Produce Authentic Rocky Mountain Spring Water

DALLAS, Nov. 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. (OTCPK:RMHB) announced today that the Company has signed a LOI (Letter of Intent) to work with a Native Comanche Indian Family of Oklahoma to produce ‘Original Rocky Mountain Spring Water’ from the original Ancestral Rockies Springs located in the now present Wichita Mountains.

The Wichita Mountains are located in the southwestern portion of Oklahoma. The mountains are a northwest-southeast trending series of rocky promontories, many capped by 540 million year-old granite. The Wichita Mountains are part of the range that was called the Ancestral Rockies and were formed several million years before the present day Colorado Rocky Mountains. The natural spring water will be derived from the original springs that feed the Chandler Creek. This is where the last Comanche Tribe eagle doctor, Mary (Sanapia) Poafpybitty lived and treated her patients by requiring them to drink and bathe in the Spring Water due to its healing powers.

Rocky Mountain High Brands plans to form a joint venture with the Comanche family to produce and market a line of Hemp-infused flavored waters derived from the ‘Healing Spring Waters’ located in the Slick Hills at the base of the Wichita Mountains.

Also contained in the LOI agreement that is in place is to grow and produce hemp on a 157 acre parcel of the Comanche family land. There is an option to increase the size of the parcel as the need arises.

Special Foods that have an incredible array of health benefits well beyond just their nutrient value are considered ‘Super Foods’. Hemp is an incredible multi-purpose plant that can be used for anything from paper, rope, and cloth. It is also one of the most nutritionally well-balanced foods on the planet.

"The formation of a joint venture with the Comanche family to produce a product line of ‘Original Rocky Mountain High Hemp Spring Waters’ is a naturally perfectly fit for health conscience people. Native American Indian ‘Healing Spring Waters’ infused with ‘Super Food’ hemp extract will potentially create a product that will dominate the exponentially growing bottled water market. According to a report published by Transparency Market Research, the bottled water industry was valued at $157 billion in 2013 and is expected to reach $279 billion by 2020. Rocky Mountain High plans to introduce the new health water product in 2016," said Jerry Grisaffi, Founder of Rocky Mountain High Brands.

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