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Jay Leno on collecting cars like artwork

Is there value in collecting cars like artwork?

It's been a very good year for the art market.

So far in 2015, the most expensive painting and the most expensive sculpture ever sold at auction went for the combined value of a mid-level NHL hockey team. So essentially, if you had the money, you could now own two collectibles. Or the Calgary Flames.

While the former would serve as a beautiful symbol of your wealth, some art experts are calling it a bubble — one that, others argue, has no indication of bursting.

But what about cars?

The collector market for automobiles also seems to be doing well. Last year, the most expensive car ever sold at auction, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, was purchased for roughly $34.65 million.

And if you needed further proof that cars are appreciating, consider Jay Leno's McLaren F1. Though he doesn't consider it an investment (he has no intention of selling it) he has seen its value skyrocket.

So is it fair to discuss art and autos in the same conversation? Watch the video to hear what Leno thinks about cars as art.

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