What to expect from TSA when traveling this weekend

Thanksgiving holiday travelers should plan for longer lines and increased security at airports in light of the recent terror attacks, former Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole said Wednesday.

In an interview on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street," Pistole said travelers may get their hands and carry-on luggage swabbed by a TSA agent.

"Things like that take longer and is something that is part of the balance between security and the efficiency of trying to get people through an to their destination," he said. "They may see things such as increased law enforcement officer patrols and they may see random K-9 patrols."

Following recent deadly attacks in Paris and Mali, the State Department on Monday issued a travel alert for Americans going overseas through Feb. 24.

Citizens were advised to take caution at sporting events, theaters and other public venues that have been targeted in attacks. The State Department added that travelers should take "particular caution" at large holiday events.