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America's biggest money mistakes

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Feeling financial remorse?

While getting married and having children are some of life's greatest joys, they also come with hefty price tags, leaving many people, in retrospect, wishing they hadn't spent quite so much.

In fact, they are considered among America's most commonly cited monetary regrets, according to a recent report by Australian-based personal finance site, along with dropping out of college and letting your partner control the finances.

These types of financial mishaps are often a result of not having a plan ahead of time about how your money gets spent, noted Janet Stanzak, a certified financial planner and principal of Financial Empowerment in Bloomington, Minnesota. "It boils down to being intentional." conducted a poll of nearly 2,000 people in the U.S. and asked them to identify their biggest money mistakes.

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—By CNBC's Jessica Dickler
Posted 27 Nov. 2015

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