The Day after Thanksgiving is the Perfect Time to Begin Losing Dangerous and Embarrassing Excess Fat with Diet Doc's Calorie Loading Diet Programs

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The day after Thanksgiving finds many people feeling guilty and anxious about overindulging. Many will reevaluate and reset their weight loss goals. And, while most feel that waiting until after the holidays will make losing weight easier, the day after Thanksgiving is actually the perfect time to begin losing weight. This is because Diet Doc has discovered the secret to resetting the metabolism and melting excess fat without missing out on the holiday recipes.

To enable their patients to begin their day after Thanksgiving diet programs, Diet Doc coupled scientific research from the 80s, when it was discovered that short periods of high fat, high carbohydrate consumption increased the body's metabolism and fat oxidation, with the most modern medical understanding. Their professional weight loss team includes doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches, who work closely with each patient to tailor diet programs that are specific to each patient's age, gender, activity level, nutritional needs and medical conditions. A private, online doctor consultation enables the doctor to review medical history and assess the system to uncover and address issues that may be causing weight gain. And, while all patients are eligible for personalized diet programs, qualified patients may be prescribed Diet Doc's pure, prescription hormone diet treatments, exclusive diet pills and appetite suppressants and powerful fat burners, that have the ability to seek out, burn and flush fat from the system while also eliminating between meal hunger, food cravings and dieting fatigue.

After two days of feasting on Thanksgiving leftovers, patients will begin day three by following their customized meal and snack plan. They begin learning how to discard bad eating behaviors and how and why they should begin incorporating nutrient-rich, low calorie foods into their menu. Because carbohydrates are decreased, the body is forced to seek out old fat that has become comfortably nestled in the belly, hips, thighs, underarms and buttocks and dangerously surrounding the internal organs. Patients will very quickly begin noticing the loss of pounds and inches from these most difficult to lose areas.

Weight loss will be steady during Phase III and patients begin looking and feeling better than ever before. Energy levels have increased and it is almost time to plan a shopping trip for a new wardrobe to accommodate their new, slimmer and healthier body. Diet Doc's team of experts monitor each patient's progress and are available on an unlimited basis throughout the journey to address questions or concerns. This close, personal attention enables the doctors to quickly alter the diet program should weight loss stall, quickly resetting the metabolism and returning the body to fast fat burn mode.

The maintenance phase begins at Phase IV during which the support team teaches patients how to avoid regain and how to sustain their new weight permanently.

Diet Doc has earned a reputation of trust and reliability throughout the country and has become a leader in the medical weight loss industry. They uniquely and strategically design diet programs for those who are struggling to lose that final 10-20 pounds to those who must lose 100 pounds or more.

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