On the second day of Fedmas, Janet Yellen sent to me...

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During each of the 12 trading days before the Federal Reserve's interest rate decision on Dec. 16, CNBC Pro is highlighting a single strategy that should work if the central bank hikes rates, as many on Wall Street expect. We found these trades using Kensho, a powerful tool used by hedge funds to analyze historical market data.

In the holiday spirit, we will call this series the "Twelve Days of Fedmas." Tuesday marks the second day so we've added another line to our song.

On the first day of Fedmas,

Janet Yellen sent to me:

A pair trade in Curr-en-cies!

On the second day of Christmas

Janet Yellen sent to me:

Two General Motors

And a pair trade in Curr-en-cies!

If the Fed does raise rates, the market will likely take it as a sign that the central bank believes in the U.S. economy.

And that should boost shares of companies that typically thrive during a strong U.S. economic cycle, namely autos. So two shares of General Motors and other auto-related stocks should serve you well.

We ran the numbers on Kensho to make sure. We looked at all the one-month periods of significant moves higher in rates over the last decade...

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