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The holiday toys your insurer hates

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Trampolines and hoverboards are among the hottest holiday toys this year, in part, because of the thrill of the ride. But that element of danger comes at a price if your insurance agent has something to say about it.

This holiday season, a quick-folding indoor trampoline for 6-year-olds and a skateboard without wheels made the short list of , according to the U.S.-based consumer watchdog, World Against Toys Causing Harm. W.A.T.C.H. said both the Quick Folding Trampoline by Toys 'R Us and the Kick Flipper by PlaSmart posed the risk of head and neck injury if a child falls.

"The Kick Flipper has been on the market for eight years and there has never been an issue with it," said Virginia Merritt, the marketing manager for PlaSmart. The Toy Industry Association has said the industry is meeting or exceeding stringent federal safety standards.

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Of course, the sought-after hoverboard — similar to a Segway but lacking a handlebar — is this year's newest novelty and one that begs others to try, which goes not just for your children, but also your children's friends and anyone else who steps into your house and decides to give it a whirl.

Once those types of potentially hazardous gifts are unwrapped, experts say your first call should be to your insurance agent.

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