New English-language Magazine About Ukraine Launches in the US

NEW YORK, Dec. 02, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UKRAINE!, a new independent publication dedicated entirely to Ukraine and events that surround this country, launches today. It’s available at The magazine, which will be available both in print and online, is a brainchild of US and UK reporters based in Ukraine. Unlike many other international media that report mostly on war and breaking news in this country, UKRAINE! offers a window into Ukraine’s daily life, which many English speaking readers are interested in, but had few opportunities to learn about.

The idea of creating the project appeared after the Russian-Ukrainian conflict became the main news of the year and developed to affect global issues as well as lives of people in both Russia and Ukraine.

"Now with the public eye turned towards Ukraine, this publication is a clear required addition to a newsstand," UKRAINE!’s editor-in-chief Nikolay Ruban said. According to Ruban, the project’s mission is "to add context to excellent coverage of Ukraine by major news publications. Journalists who work in Ukraine for American and European media report on politics and warfare, but they see a lot more going on. We would like them to file long-reads with UKRAINE! . It’s important for both journalists and readers," Ruban also noted.

UKRAINE! magazine puts emphasis on investigative reporting accompanied by eye-catching visual content. In its inaugural editorial line up, there is a photo story zooming in on the conflict between the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Moscow Patriarchate (over 70% of the population in the country are members of this religious community) and the non-canonical Church of the Kyivan Patriarchate. The photo story tells about the consequences of the war that affected Ukrainians’ religious traditions and how political will uses faith as a lobbying device. As a result of the "new holy war," many churches are taken over and that is affecting people’s lives a great deal.

Some of the contributors of UKRAINE! are well-known reporters: Ian Bateson, Mark Adomanis, Jim Kovpak, and Aleksandra Eriksson. They have written for Forbes, Reuters, Al Jazeera and VICE. Many of the contributors are currently based in Ukraine.

UKRAINE! is published independently under license from RUSSIA! magazine.

Masha Kunica, Managing Editor of UKRAINE! +1(347) 284-6146

Source:RUSSIA! magazine