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This is what MTV is calling the post-millennial generation

MTV coins new name for the post-millennial generation

MTV just coined another name for the post-millennial generation, and social-media users are not happy.

The Viacom-owned media outlet is facing backlash on Twitter after choosing a new name for the generation of kids born after the year 2000. Dubbed "the Founders," this generation was born into and shaped by social media and technology.

"The name 'Gen Z' has always seemed like a bit of placeholder to us — it doesn't convey any sense of identity for this generation — so we thought, 'Why not ask them to name themselves?" said Jane Gould, senior vice president of MTV Insights, in a statement. "As it turns out, not only do these kids have a clear identity, they have a stunningly intuitive sense of the changing times they've been born into, and the huge opportunity that lies ahead to make new history."

MTV surveyed more than 1,000 kids born after December 2000, asking them to choose their own moniker. Among the top names were: the navigators, the regenerators, the bridge generation and the builders.

"Founders are seen as 'pragmatists' who will forge a new world in the wake of millennial disruption, while millennials broadly have been characterized as 'dreamers' who have actively disturbed and dismantled the system," MTV said, in a statement. "The inherent differences between generations can largely be attributed to parenting styles as well as the global and local forces impacting society at the time of their birth and into early childhood."

Twitter users took to the social media platform to express concern over the new generation brand.

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"We expected that not everybody is going to love this name — not everyone loves 'millennials' for that matter — but that is why we let young people choose the name," Alison Hillhouse, vice president for insights at MTV, told CNBC. "It's very difficult to say what they are going to do when they are older than 14."