Workers moving to the Middle East enjoy greater financial rewards

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Move to the Middle East for greater financial rewards
Move to the Middle East for greater financial rewards

Middle East countries such as Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia offer the best financial rewards for people thinking of living and working abroad, according to a survey of 21,950 expatriates living around the world.

The Expat Explorer survey -- which was commissioned by HSBC Expat, the global bank's offshore financial services group -- found 76 percent of people no longer living in their country of origin setting up home in Qatar felt they had more disposable income, 75 percent were able to save more money and almost a quarter were able to purchase a property as a result of moving.

Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE also scored strongly in the survey.

By comparison, only 48 percent of expats in Brazil said they had more disposable income, while just 10 percent of expats living in Belgium were able to buy property.

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According to the report, Middle Eastern countries are a popular destination for expats aged between 18 and 34 interested in better finances. 71 percent of expats in this age group increased their income after moving to Qatar, while 31 percent were able to buy their first home in the country.

"Many destinations offer financial rewards," said Dean Blackburn, head of HSBC Expat, in a press release.

"Earning potential can be higher and living costs lower for instance. That can mean building your savings while still enjoying more of the finer things in life."

Other countries came out well in the survey. Mexico, Vietnam and the Czech Republic came top in their respective regions for improved disposable income, savings and the ability to buy property, while Switzerland pays on expats the highest salaries globally: workers on average enjoyed annual incomes of $181,000 against a global average of $104,000.

The survey, now in its eighth year, asks expats around the world questions about their career, the health of their family and their quality of life in comparison to their previous home.

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