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Fitbit's 'Holy Grail' goal for insurance companies

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Now that consumers have made it through both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many retail analysts have started to declare winners and losers. Jim Cramer has always considered Fitbit as one of his favorite companies, and it seems that analysts are starting to agree.

So far, three analysts have anointed Fitbit, the dominant maker of wearable health and fitness trackers, as a major winner in retail. This comes at a time when Fitbit's stock could really use the good news.

The company reported a fantastic quarter with solid guidance a month ago, but the selling pressure has gotten the best of the stock. First it ended its post-IPO lockup on insider selling early, and then it conducted a 17 million-share secondary offering to raise money for its business. This gave existing shareholders the chance to sell the stock, and they did.

As a result, Fitbit's stock plunged 29 percent in November, to $28, despite the fact that the fundamentals of the company remain strong.

That is the holy grail of this whole category. And that is going to happen. When it happens, that is going to be a huge inflection point for the business
James Park
Chairman and CEO of Fitbit
James Park, CEO, Fitbit
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

Last week Fitbit announced a major game-changer for those using its wearable. As a major technological improvement, its devices can now automatically track when someone is exercising. Users would no longer be required to log workouts, something that could make Fitbit even more popular not only with consumers, but with corporate wellness as well.

With holiday season in full swing, Cramer spoke with Fitbit Chairman and CEO James Park to find out what investors can expect going forward.

Park commented on the strength of Fitbit during the holiday season, as its products have continued to sell without requiring a major discount. "That's because of the strength of the Fitbit brand and the loyal customer base that we have built up over the years," he said.

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Many investors have concerns that Apple could bite into the market share of Fitbit, however Cramer remained firm in his view that Fitbit is differentiated from Apple since it is a wellness oriented wearable. Therefore, the two products can remain in parallel universes.

"Exactly. We are a wearables company but, more importantly, we are all about digital, health and wellness," Park said. (Tweet This)

Looking forward into 2016, Park said that the company plans to provide products with more advanced sensors, algorithms and increase focus on fashion.

More importantly, Fitbit aims to provide data to insurance companies in order allow them to provide a better group rate.

"That is the Holy Grail of this whole category. And that is going to happen. When it happens, that is going to be a huge inflection point for the business," Park said.

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