Diet Doc's Best Fat Burner Diet Plans Help Patients Nationwide Restore their Health and Reach their Ideal Body Weight Safely, Quickly and Comfortably

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Visceral fat is the most difficult to lose and the most dangerous to have. It quietly accumulates in the belly, hips, thighs, underarms and buttocks, finally presenting itself in the form of love handles, beer belly and thunder thighs. Because it nestles itself deeply within the cells of the most stubborn to lose areas, while surrounding the internal organs, this type of fat increases the risk for heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Many people believe that simply cutting down on food portions and watching calorie count will melt excess fat from their body. While cutting back may, in fact, generate the loss of a few pounds, the old, stored fat remains hidden. This is why Diet Doc's best fat burner diet plans are so incredible. It is scientifically designed to search for fat that has accumulated in the problem areas and fat that has nestled itself around the internal organs preparing to wreak havoc on health. The stored fat is forced out of its hiding places to be burned for energy and quickly flushed from the body.

Many people begin a diet with the best intentions, but are quickly discouraged and disappointed because they become bored with the limited menu and are confused about which foods to choose to keep pounds melting from the body, while also leaving them full and satisfied without loss of energy. Diet Doc removes the mystery by pairing each patient with a certified nutritionist who tailors the best fat burner diets that include meal and snack plans that are compatible with each patient's personal food preferences, age, gender, activity level and medical conditions. They incorporate delicious foods that are rich in essential nutrients and lean proteins to keep the body operating optimally. And, for faster fat burn, qualified Diet Doc patients can incorporate their pure, prescription hormone diet treatments that work flawlessly with their best fat burner diet plans to generate safe and faster weight loss. Many patients also incorporate Diet Doc's exclusive prescription diet pills that curb the appetite without causing jittery side effects and their powerful fat burners that burn stored fat four times faster than other products. This clear-cut, easy to follow weight loss solution has helped people throughout the country lose excess weight, improve their health and boost their confidence. In fact, a recent survey reported that 97% of Diet Doc's patients were losing 20 or more pounds per month and looking and feeling better with more energy than ever before.

New patients can visit or call 888-934-4451 to complete a health questionnaire and schedule an online consultation with a Diet Doc physician. During the consult, the doctor reviews medical history, past weight loss attempts, and assesses the entire system to identify cellular toxicity, improperly functioning organs or internal imbalances that may be preventing weight loss and causing weight gain. The doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches remain in close contact with each patient and are available for questions, concerns, suggestions, or even support, throughout each weight loss journey. Scheduled weekly checkup calls enable the doctor to monitor progress and quickly recognize weight loss plateaus enabling them to modify the diet plan and reset the metabolism to quickly return the body to fast fat burn mode. This close personal support and attention is unparalleled by the competition and has made Diet Doc a nationally recognized leader in the medical weight loss industry.

Call today to schedule a private, confidential and no-cost consultation with the experts and begin burning dangerous and embarrassing excess fat almost immediately.

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