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How to trade Netflix as streaming gets crowded

The great media debate: Is Netflix worth it?

Amid reports that Google's YouTube could license TV shows and movies for its subscription service, some "Fast Money" traders contended competition would eventually catch up to Netflix.

Amazon and Hulu have already started churning out original series, while Apple reportedly seeks to make its own content. With "well-funded" players entering the space and Netflix shares up 160 percent this year, the stock offers limited upside, argued trader Dan Nathan.

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Trader Brian Kelly agreed, saying that rivals will eventually pose a bigger threat to Netflix.

While he admitted that Netflix faces a tough road ahead, trader Guy Adami contended that its stock could still climb from just under $127 per share, where it closed Thursday.

Walt Disney — one company that has seen big benefits from acquiring content like "Star Wars" and Marvel — looks appealing on weakness, Nathan added. He noted that it looks like a stronger buy at $105 per share, down from its Thursday closing price of about $112 per share.


Dan Nathan

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Brian Kelly

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Karen Finerman

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Guy Adami

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