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10 gifts to lift the spirits of beer, wine and whiskey lovers

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Alcohol has been the go-to holiday gift for people for ages. Not sure what to get someone? Grab a bottle of wine off the shelf at the store (or off your own shelf), stick it in a gift bag, and you're all set.

But as craft beer has enjoyed its meteoric rise, and whiskey/vodka/bourbon drinkers have become more sophisticated and wine drinkers even more educated, it's forcing people to put a lot more thought into their spirit-based gifts.

There's certainly nothing wrong with still giving a bottle — and we've got some great suggestions for a few — but if you're looking to surprise someone who is especially enthusiastic about their beer, wine or spirits, there are plenty of other options as well.

Here are a few suggestions.

— By Chris Morris
Posted 4 December 2015

Sofie Delauw | Getty Images