Glossier CEO's holiday wish list

In the latest installment of's Holiday Wish List series, Emily Weiss, the founder and CEO of beauty-products brand Glossier, offers her top gift picks.

I love the holidays because I am very close with my parents and my fiance's family, and it's one of the rare times we get to spend together. So there's always a fun, warm gathering planned.

Emily Weiss, founder and CEO, Glossier
Source: Glossier
Emily Weiss, founder and CEO, Glossier

Last year the best gift I received was from my dad. He gave me this awesome gold lightning bolt charm from his wild college days that he made into a necklace. I wear it every day!

Here's my wish list for 2015.

Dinner at Capo in Santa Monica

Capo restaurant in Santa Monica
Source: Capo Restaurant

I reserve most of my splurges for dinners out with friends or my fiancé. I've heard great things about Capo, and LA is one of my favorite places to visit. Hopefully one day I will master the art of bi-coastal living. I'd love a decadent pasta dish here, some great wine, and good conversation. Oh and always dessert!

Black leather Chelsea boots

Chelsea boot in leather by Woman by Common Projects
Source: The Line
Chelsea boot in leather by Woman by Common Projects

New York winters will eat up your shoes. So I typically will invest in one perfect pair of boots at the beginning of the fall to last through the cold, snowy season. These are a super versatile, classic choice. And they go well with my standby Rag & Bone skinny jeans.

Floral arrangement from Meta Flora

Meta Flora arrangement
Source: Meta Flora

I recently moved and have been very into decorating my apartment. Plants and flowers are important to me to have around, especially in the winter when the weather and light can be a bit dreary. Meta Flora does all the flowers for Glossier whenever we have an event or something special in the office. Marisa does these incredible, exotic arrangements that really bring life to the room.

Glossier’s mask duo set

Glossier Mask Duo Set
Source: Glossier

I love baths and do some of my best masking in the tub at the end of the day. This limited edition set comes with 12 single-serving pods of our Mega Greens Galaxy Packs and Moisturizing Moon Masks. It also comes with a luxe Glossier-embroidered headband to keep your little baby hairs safe while you mask.

Jenna Hipp’s 'This is My Jam' nail polish

Jenna Hipp This Is My Jam Nail Polish
Source: Beauty Bridge

This is the most perfect deep red polish. But it's discontinued and so difficult to get a hold of. Major kudos to whoever can snag this for a lady on their list.

Commentary by Emily Weiss, the founder and CEO of Glossier. Emily lives in New York City and is addicted to Instagram for inspiration, meeting new people, and leading her team of passionate and talented girls (and boys!) who believe in rethinking beauty. Follow her on Twitter @EmilyWWeiss.