Alexandria Chiropractor at Back to Health Center Now Offering Prenatal Chiropractic Care

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 06, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Back to Health Center, PLLC announced that the chiropractic center is offering prenatal chiropractic care for expectant mothers. According to chiropractor Dr. Shara Posner, prenatal chiropractic care benefits include enhanced pain management and better preparing pregnant women to give birth. Dr. Posner offers the Webster Adjustment Technique, a chiropractic technique designed specifically for adjusting a pregnant woman’s body. This technique is focused on adjusting the lower back, pelvis and sacrum. According to Dr. Posner, these parts of the body are most heavily involved during pregnancy and at risk for a misalignment.

Pregnant women who are experiencing pain and discomfort during their pregnancy may benefit from chiropractic adjustments. Back to Health Center offers prenatal chiropractic care with specialized adjustments designed specifically for a pregnant woman’s body. This adjustment is known as the Webster Technique.

“As the body builds another human body, you want to make sure that the central nervous system is able to properly function during this process,” said Dr. Posner. “Prenatal chiropractic care keeps the spine aligned, even as the body changes.”

During a treatment session, Dr. Posner will examine a patient’s body for any spinal misalignments. Next, she makes recommendations for postural corrections. Spinal and pelvic adjustments are tailored specifically to meet a pregnant woman’s needs as her body changes.

“When the mother’s spine and pelvis are aligned and the central nervous system is functioning properly, the mother will experience less back pain,” said Dr. Posner. “The baby will benefit as well. A properly aligned spine means that nourishment will flow more readily to the womb.”

Regular adjustments during pregnancy can also aid with weight distribution on a mother’s spine. “As the body changes to accommodate the growing fetus, the pelvis is no longer as stable as it could be,” said Dr. Posner. “As a result, a mother can experience severe discomfort in the lower back and pelvic region. While chiropractic care cannot eliminate all pregnancy pain, regular adjustments can help to relax the muscles and prevent painful spasms. For enhanced pain relief, I recommend integrating chiropractic care with prenatal massage.”

Dr. Posner says that proper spinal alignment will also make it easier for the baby to properly position itself for delivery and reduce the risk for a breech birth position. “For women who want to give birth naturally with minimal to no interventions, learning that the baby is in a breech birth position can be incredibly frustrating,” said Dr. Posner. “Chiropractic adjustments can help bring the baby back to correct alignment and increase the likelihood for a successful, natural delivery.”

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