Soloman Chiropractic Offers Network Spinal Analysis to Relieve Holiday Stress

PHOENIX, Dec. 06, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the holidays fast approaching, Soloman Chiropractic offers network spinal analysis to its patients to relieve stress brought on by the holidays. Network spinal analysis is a specialized chiropractic technique that uses gentle and precise spinal touches to stimulate the brain and remove blockages. Practitioners target areas where the nerves underneath the skin are connected to the spine. By touching these areas, they reconnect them to the brain and clear up any blockages in nerve transmission. This practice trains the body to respond to tension rather than allowing it to cause blockages and prevent the brain and spine from working together efficiently. Because network spinal analysis is gentle, the technique can be safely used with patients of all ages.

According to Dr. Michael Soloman of Soloman Chiropractic, his practice sees the stress the holidays can bring in his patients ever year. "Around this time each year, we see a marked increase of stress. Holiday events, family gatherings and budget constraints can lead to stress as our clients try hard to do it all. Whenever the mind encounters a stress that it feels it cannot handle, it passes that on to the body where it is internalized as tension. That's where network spinal analysis comes in. We can literally cause the brain to send waves of healing energy to desired areas and thereby enhance wellness."

Patients experience a host of benefits from undergoing network spinal analysis therapy. As they become more aware of stress in the body and how it is affected by their thoughts and emotions, they are better able to self-identify misalignments and tension. As a result of treatment, patients report improved quality of life including more energy, enhanced feelings of well-being, improved emotional and psychological wellbeing, and fewer aches, pains, and headaches which usually are the result of stress.

According to Dr. Soloman, "Our patients report great results from these treatments, especially around the holidays. They feel better and have a more positive outlook on life which breeds relaxation and happiness. In addition, our patients report that they have more mental clarity, increased mobility and flexibility and less stress. As we age, we often feel like we cannot do the things we used to do because our bodies will not allow it. With regular chiropractic care, we open up the pathways in the body to regain and retain the flexibility that allows us to continue with the activities we love."

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