Trump blasts Bezos on Twitter, calls Washington Post a 'scam'

Donald Trump targets Bezos, Amazon in tweetstorm
Donald Trump targets Bezos, Amazon in tweetstorm

Donald Trump turned his Twitter ire toward Jeff Bezos on Monday, accusing the Amazon CEO of using his newspaper as a tax dodge to prop up the retailer.

The Republican presidential candidate tweeted that Bezos's Washington Post was a "scam" used to save "[Bezos'] no-profit company" Amazon.

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Trump's tweets were likely prompted by an article posted by The Washington Post early on Monday fact-checking several of the presidential candidate's claims about his ability to predict terrorism.

Late Monday, Bezos returned fire with a bit of humor. The Internet mogul tweeted that he'd like to 'send Donald to space' on the Blue Origin, his private space firm:

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As it happens, Amazon is a profitable company. The online retailer reported third-quarter earnings of 17 cents per share on $25.36 billion in revenue, beating Wall Street estimates that it would post a loss.

But it may not actually matter either way. Bezos owns the Post personally through his own company, Bezos Expeditions, and not through Amazon.