MedAssets, Medical Simulation Corporation Enter Strategic Partnership

ATLANTA, Dec. 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MedAssets, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDAS) and Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC), a Denver-based healthcare performance improvement solutions company, announced today that they have entered into a joint marketing agreement wherein MedAssets and MSC will provide MSC's solutions to hospital customers served by MedAssets - starting with sepsis.

The MedAssets Advisory Solutions team will integrate MSC's products and services into a solution offering that will benefit targeted hospital customers.

Sepsis is a notoriously difficult condition to treat, with in-hospital mortality rates that may exceed 20%. Sepsis impacts about 1.67 million patients per year in the United States, and about 266,000 die. The U.S. healthcare system spends over $20 billion every year to treat sepsis with a typical 225-bed hospital spending about $6 million each year to manage an average of 320 cases of sepsis.

"We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with MedAssets to help their hospital customers reduce mortality and costs," offered Mary Beth Loesch, president and chief executive officer of Medical Simulation Corporation. "Sepsis can occur anywhere in the continuum of care and is a time-sensitive condition. Our solution integrates robust process improvement, cultural evolution, and clear communication, along with on-line courseware and clinical simulation training to significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce costs."

"Our Advisory Solutions capabilities have helped hundreds of hospitals and systems reduce their total cost of care, enhance operational efficiency, and align clinical delivery," said Dr. Martin Lucenti, senior vice president of Clinical Advisory Solutions, MedAssets. "We wanted to broaden and enhance the scope of our clinical solutions, and MSC has a strong track record improving the quality of clinical delivery, particularly in sepsis. We expect significant synergy from MedAssets' and MSC's complementary strengths that will provide tremendous value to our customers."

About Medical Simulation Corporation

Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC) is a global healthcare leader in accelerating patient access to new medical therapies, achieving the best patient outcomes, reducing patient mortality and reducing the cost of healthcare delivery. MSC's Advanced Clinical Quality Solutions enable multi-disciplinary healthcare team performance improvement, with a focus on standardizing care delivery and creating clinical and cost-control results. The portfolio of MSC's medical device industry solutions includes portable, reliable and cost-effective platforms spanning a broad range of applications, from product demonstration to full clinical in-servicing. For more information, please visit

About MedAssets

MedAssets (NASDAQ:MDAS) is a healthcare performance improvement company that combines strategic market insight with rapid operational execution to help providers sustainably serve the needs of their communities. More than 4,500 hospitals and 123,000 non-acute healthcare providers rely on our solutions to reduce the total cost of care, enhance operational efficiency, align clinical delivery, and improve revenue performance across the System of CARE. For more information, please visit


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