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Cramer Remix: Kinder Morgan is a disaster

Cramer Remix: Kinder Morgan is a disaster

It doesn't matter what good news is released into the market this week, the market seems to want to go lower. Investors are bracing for a possible rate hike from the Federal Reserve this month, and Jim Cramer sees the damage happening right now to stocks.

But is it a good idea to join the crowd of sellers right now?

"I'm old enough to remember what the market has been like in the 10 days leading up to a rate hike, and you would get exactly this kind of action," the "Mad Money " host said.

One major issue in the market was oil, and Kinder Morgan's butchering of its dividend to 12.5-cents from 51-cents. Kinder Morgan is the gigantic pipeline company run by Rich Kinder, who many had tremendous faith in. Last year he repeatedly told investors he would raise the dividend regularly. It was pretty much gospel to Cramer that he knew what he was doing.

The cut in Kinder Morgan's dividend was devastating to many shareholders, and it has left a whole group of investors that were seeking income totally crushed. When a CEO screws up this much when so many people believed in him, Cramer worries what the other companies could be up to. This move shook the confidence of those that rely on pipeline stocks for their high yields.

"What a disaster. Now all fossil fuel stocks are innocent until proven guilty, and while I'm not as negative as the others I don't see a need to own any of these names. I say sell them, but only into strength," Cramer said.

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Paypal has had an interesting few months following its spinoff from eBay in July. The company had the misfortune of coming public right before an ugly period for the stock market. After bottoming around $30 in late August, it has since rebounded 15 percent from its lows, prompting Jim Cramer to take a closer look.

With Paypal in the intersection of the hottest area of digital right now — mobile and credit — Cramer sat down with the company's CEO Dan Schulman to learn more about how it plans to dominate the space.

Schulman said that Paypal is solely focused its mobile and digital operations right now, with over 173 million people across the globe that use its platform and more than 13 million merchants. Being an independent company gives Paypal a tremendous advantage to be able to focus on mobile and digital.

"The world is moving towards mobile right now. The distinction between offline and online is blurring," Schulman said.

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Another space in retail that garnered Cramer's attention this week was the dollar store space, because with consumers strapped for cash, they could be the strongest segment of retail right now.

Five Below is a chain of more than 430 stores with everything costing $5 or less. While Five Below is more teen and child focused than dollar stores, Cramer believes that it still represents the same value proposition for consumers. When it came public in 2012, the stock roared 55 percent on its first day of trading but has since cooled off, down more than 30 percent year-to-date.

"Five Below has been hammered this year as if it sells clothes for when it is five below outside, but while the company still has a lot going for it, that is not enough to make me recommend the stock at these levels," Cramer said.

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There were two large business events that defined a new cycle in the market on Wednesday, and Jim Cramer said it all comes down to squandered opportunities versus created opportunities.

"I'm talking about Yahoo's decision to stand pat and not try to bring out any value, and Dow and DuPont's decision to give up their storied legacies and become one company in order to create value," the "Mad Money " host said.

Earlier this year Yahoo expressed confidence that it would be able to monetize its value in Alibaba. Additionally, Cramer said, CEO Marissa Mayer was smart enough to not sell more of its stake in the company when she had a chance on its IPO.

But Cramer was not enthused with the disposition of Mayer and Yahoo Chairman Maynard Webb when they appeared on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" on Wednesday.

"I, a big backer of Yahoo and still a user, was taken aback by how little enthusiasm either exec seemed to have about what the company is up to," Cramer said.

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And while the market may not be insanely bullish, it still knows how to react to good news. TherapeuticsMD is a small drug company that is focused on women's health, and is all about developing advanced hormone replacement therapy drugs.

On Monday after the close, it released positive phase 3 clinical trial results from the company's drugs that treat the symptoms of menopause. Numbers suggested that the drug could be a big deal, which is why the stock shot up 38 percent on the news on Tuesday.

To find out if the stock could have more room to run, Cramer spoke with TherapeuticsMD's chairman of the board and former secretary of Health and Human Services, Tommy Thompson, along with the company's CEO Robert Finizio.

Thompson commented on the history of women's hormone replacement therapies, which have raised concerns over cancer and heart problems in the past.

"It absolutely destroyed the hormone market for women. As a result of that, there has been really nothing out there to help women until this was here, and that's why I joined the company," Thompson said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Juno Therapeutics: "We've got a bunch of the big cap ones that are on sale, like a Biogen. I'm going to go with the Biogen, which my charitable trust owns, over Juno."

Opko Health: "I like the combination. The stock has sold off ridiculously and I think that [CEO] Phil Frost has acquitted himself so well. Let's go back into Opko."

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