New Holiday Diet from Diet Doc Produces Effective Holiday Weight Loss

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New Holiday Diet from Diet Doc Produces Effective Holiday Weight Loss

Most would not consider the holidays an ideal time to begin a diet, as huge carbohydrate laden meals are often consumed around America. However, Diet Doc has created an extremely unique holiday diet, allowing clients to actually lose weight during the holidays, without abstaining from holiday feasting.

The Diet Doc holiday diet not only advises holiday feasting to begin the diet plan, the company actually uses two days of "loading" to boost the metabolism and prepare the body for weight loss, making Christmas dinner parties the ideal time to begin losing weight with Diet Doc.

Referred to as a "loading phase", the Diet Doc holiday diet relies on two full days of higher calorie consumption in order to boost the metabolism and prepare the body for holiday weight loss. During the first two days of the Diet Doc diet, clients are prescribed a 3000 calorie eating plan. This first phase of the holiday diet has actually been used by top nutritionists as a great way to boost the metabolism before beginning a diet.

The effects of the loading period work to help clients lose weight in two important ways:

  1. Loading up on calories prepares the body for dieting, providing energy stores to help dieters overcome the initial hunger experienced when first beginning a lower calorie weight loss plan.
  2. Since most people beginning a new holiday weight loss plan have been dieting sporadically throughout their lives, the metabolism can become affected and slowed. Calorie loading for two straight days can help to boost the metabolism for more effective calorie burning once phase two of the Diet Doc holiday diet begins.

In addition to calorie loading, the Diet Doc holiday diet utilizes prescription treatments to aid in weight loss, making holiday loading more effective at boosting the metabolism, and in turn making dieting during holidays a great time to begin losing weight.

The company provides each client a consultation with a licensed weight loss doctor, conducted easily and comfortably from home. During this consultation, the Diet Doc doctor will evaluate each client's health, weight loss goals, and internal organ functions to help prescribe the most effective holiday diet for patients. Each consultation is done easily via Skype or telephone.

Timing the loading phase with social events and holidays is a great way to be efficient about increasing calories at an acceptable time which will in fact work towards starting the weight loss phase of the Diet Doc medically supervised diet.
Don't let the holidays stop you from starting a diet plan. Call Diet Doc today and consult with a licensed doctor today, receive your weight loss supplies via rush delivery, and start the journey to a healthier lifestyle today.
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