New product product (ACARIZAX(R)) for for treatment of house dust mite allergic rhinitis and asthma obtains reimbursement in Denmark

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Dec. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Three months ago, ALK's new sublingual allergy immunotherapy tablet for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma was approved by the authorities. The product has now obtained reimbursement in Denmark.

Only three months after the European approval of the product, ALK has obtained reimbursement in Denmark for its new product ACARIZAX(r) for the treatment of house dust mite allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma.

"This is good news for Danish house dust mite allergy sufferers. They will now receive reimbursement for ACARIZAX(r) that allows treatment of house dust mite allergy at home. Patients with a busy everyday life who find it hard to find time for the numerous injections and visits to the doctor that traditional, injection-based treatment entails will now be able to receive allergy immunotherapy," says Jens Bager, President and CEO of ALK.

Approximately, half a million adult Danes suffer from house dust mite allergy. Studies indicate that one out of ten patients suffering from allergic rhinitis has a condition which is not well controlled and will experience persistent moderate to severe symptoms despite the use of symptom-relieving medications.

For some of these patients, ACARIZAX(r) will be a relevant treatment option which can improve their quality of life and potentially modify the underlying cause of their disease by increasing the tolerance for house dust mites.

Link between house dust mite allergy and asthma

Due to the documented effect of ACARIZAX(r) in patients with allergic asthma, the grant of reimbursement is also good news for many asthma sufferers. Approximately half of all asthma patients are allergic to house dust mites.

"By treating the cause of allergy, ACARIZAX(r) gives patients with asthma new possibilities for better asthma control. And although ACARIZAX(r) does not replace the patients' existing medicine, the product gives the possibility of better asthma control and use of less asthma medicine in the long term," said Jens Bager, President and CEO.

ACARIZAX(r) is the first ever sublingual allergy immunotherapy tablet against house dust mite allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma to be approved in Europe. The development activities have involved approximately 6,000 patients worldwide and this makes ACARIZAX(r) the best documented product in the history of allergy immunotherapy.

ACARIZAX(r) is the second SLIT-tablet that ALK launches in Denmark, GRAZAX(r) against grass pollen allergy being the first. Patients are advised to contact their GP, if they wish to find out if ACARIZAX(r) is a relevant treatment for them. ACARIZAX(r) will be on the market in the beginning of 2016.

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About house dust mite allergy

House dust mites are the most common cause of allergy in the world. It is estimated that up to 200 million patients suffer from house dust mite allergy worldwide. HDM allergy appears early in life and is present all year round. Studies indicate that one out of ten adults suffering from allergic rhinitis experience significantly reduced quality of life due to their condition. The link between allergic rhinitis and asthma is well established. The vast majority of patients who have HDM allergic asthma also have allergic rhinitis.

About ALK

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