Lightning Round: This group won't budge

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Juno Therapeutics: "We've got a bunch of the big cap ones that are on sale, like a Biogen. I'm going to go with the Biogen, which my charitable trust owns, over Juno."

Opko Health Inc: "I like the combination. The stock has sold off ridiculously and I think that Phil Frost [CEO] has acquitted himself so well. Let's go back into Opko."

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Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan: "Anything agricultural I'm going to say is in a bear market and it's not going to budge. If there's a Potash bounce, absolutely but then you sell."

Twitter: "My charitable trust has a small position in Twitter, I've got to tell you, why do we keep it? It's a placeholder. One day we think that they are going to have some great momentum. We do Periscope around here, maybe other people do it and it gets a surge a little better. There is a lot of things that it can do. That is why we hold on to it, but I'm not pounding the table."

Skechers USA: "I think we have to take a little longer view on Skechers. Remember, the stock was up gigantically and it sold off. Quite a stock up here. It's up 65 percent this year so let's not panic on a couple of bad days. I still think it can go higher over multiple years."

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