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Mark Cuban unloads on Twitter — on Twitter

Billionaire Mark Cuban unleashed a stream of criticism about Twitter on Thursday, saying the platform "hasn't been a social network for years," and suggesting that Apple temporarily remove the app from its ecosystem.

Cuban delivered his argument through a series of tweets — first as a numbered monologue and then in a back-and-forth with early Twitter investor Chris Sacca that ended with personal insults.

Here's how Cuban started the discussion:

Cuban is arguing that Apple should remove Twitter from its app store, and keep it off until the sharing platform employs a method for successfully filtering its user-generated content (UGC).

A spokesman for Twitter declined to comment on his tweets, but directed CNBC to its media policy. Apple did not immediately return a request for comment.

And that's when Sacca, founder and chairman of Lowercase Capital, jumped into the fray.

Below are most of the comments between the two investors. Although they hop back and forth between a few subjects, the crux of the argument is Cuban suggesting that Twitter should pre-filter content, while Sacca responds that "that's not how America works."