Norovirus illness toll at Chipotle rises to 141: BC

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A total of 141 Boston College students who ate at Chipotle last weekend have norovirus symptoms, the college announced in a statement Thursday.

This represents 1 percent of the university's total student body.

Another 12 students who did not eat at the restaurant also have norovirus symptoms. The virus is highly contagious.

"As of this morning, the Mass Department of Public Health has informed us that there are no other pathogens present in the specimens tested thus far. The remaining tests are expected to be returned by tomorrow, but the clear expectation is that the illness on campus is limited to the norovirus," according to the statement.

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Boston Public Health Commission determined that the cultures from were negative for the bacterial pathogen E. coli.

The restaurant has battled two food-borne illness outbreaks in recent weeks.

On October 31, an outbreak of E. coli was first linked to the chain. Since then, 52 people have reported falling ill due to E. coli. Illnesses started on dates ranging from October 19 to November 13.