The household products now pricier than oil

You might be upset if you've been investing in oil lately, with its price sliding following OPEC's decision not to cut production. But fear not! Just take a look in your fridge — there's probably stuff in there that was a better investment than a gallon of crude oil.

West Texas Intermediate was around $37 barrel on Thursday. With a barrel running 42 gallons, that's about 88 cents for a gallon of crude. By volume, that's about a fourth the cost of milk, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Price Index.

Of course, milk is an expensive commodity — it takes a lot of resources to produce — so it's been pricier than oil for some time.

Some products that cost more than oil have had their own pricing problems. A dozen chicken eggs, for example, normally go for an average around $2, but that cost has skyrocketed in recent months, largely due to an avian flu outbreak that has forced farmers to kill of millions of birds.

Other products in your kitchen have held relatively steady through the years, like beans and beer. Oil's recent drop has already brought it below those prices on a per-gallon basis. That's right: A gallon of oil now costs less than a literal hill of beans. A small hill, sure, but still.