Tech to send your heartbeat to a long-distance lover

Send your heartbeat to a long-distance lover

Ever been away from your partner but wanted to feel their heartbeat while you're sleeping? Well, one company has created a device for just that.

British start-up Little Riot has created a wristband that picks up and sends your heartbeat to a little box that is placed under your partner's pillow. In that way they can feel your heartbeat in real time. The product is called Pillow Talk.

"We communicate with people through tech in that it's all done through screens, we are on video calls, and constantly looking at screens," Joanna Montgomery, founder of Little Riot, told CNBC by phone on Friday.

"The idea is to open peoples' eyes to the fact that we are accepting this world we have accidentally created where we are stuck to our devices. The things that are supposed to bring us together are driving us apart."

Little Riot raised £82,019 ($124.8) on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, beating their £75,000 target.

It was selling a pair of Pillow Talk wrist bands and speakers for £118. It has sold around 2,000 products and plans to ship the orders in May next year.

Montgomery said that she was hoping to use the technology from Pillow Talk in other ways. For example, Little Riot is talking to a children's hospital to see how babies held in isolation could wear this technology so parents can listen to their heartbeat.