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Scared of flying? Don't watch this

After a plane stopped abruptly during takeoff last week, one travel blogger caught footage of some shaken-up passengers on his flight.

Zach Honig, editor-in-chief of travel website The Points Guy, took to Twitter and YouTube after Qatar Airways' new Airbus A350 seemed to screech to a halt during takeoff.

The airline did not return CNBC's request for comment on the cause of the aborted takeoff. But Honig wrote in a post he thought the charter flight from New York City was forced to stop because the runway was too short.

Rejected takeoffs occur in about 1 of 3,000 takeoffs, or about 6,000 times per year, only about 4 of which would result in an accident, according a Federal Aviation Administration safety guide. Qatar Airways became the first airline to fly the Airbus A350 to the U.S., it announced Dec. 8.

Honig told CNBC in an email that the rest of the flight went very well, but if he had the choice, he might choose another airline in the future.

"I didn't sleep all that well after the aborted takeoff, but the plane was clean, modern and very comfortable," Honig wrote. "The food was fantastic as well, and the flight attendants were very accommodating ... on the surface Qatar seems like a great carrier, but I'm disappointed that management ultimately decided not to permit passengers to deplane, although it did seem like we would be given the option."