Netflix to revamp video streaming tech: Report

Netflix says it plans to make big changes to the technology behind its streaming service, Variety reports.

The streaming video site wants to re-encode its entire library in order boost video quality and to cut down on overall bandwidth. Netflix uses about a third of all internet data in North America at certain times, according to the trade publication.

Netflix had used the same rules to send large and small video files across the Internet — the video quality adjusted to a users' connection, no matter if the video was a simple cartoon like "My Little Pony" or something more complex, like an epic full of computer-generated images of superheroes, to use the examples cited in Variety.

Instead, Netflix has been working on a way to tailor its streaming technology to the specific video it's playing, rather than the connection on the other end. That means someone with a slow Internet connection would be able to play shows like cartoons in full HD because those types of shows require less data to stream.

Read the full Variety report here.