Adaptive Medias Releases 2015 Publisher and Audience Digital Video Player Survey Results

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adaptive Medias, Inc. (OTCQB:ADTM), a video technology company that supports publishers, content producers and brand advertisers, is excited to reveal the results from its publisher/audience digital video player survey, aimed at comparing publishers’ digital video distribution experiences with audiences’ digital video viewing experiences.

Adaptive Medias sought to expose the current state of the digital video publishing industry as online video viewing continues to surge. To do this, the company launched two separate surveys -- one for audiences and one for digital publishers -- and received an estimated 300 respondents per survey.

The survey found that only 6% of audiences are extremely happy with their online video viewing experiences, with the majority of them (62%) saying their experiences are middle of the road. Interestingly, when publishers were asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how satisfied they think audiences are with their online video viewing experiences, 32% felt their audiences were extremely satisfied and chose 10.

When audiences were asked to choose the device on which they found it easiest to watch digital video, 51% chose desktop and laptop, 19% of respondents chose SmartTV, 19% opted for a tablet, and 11% chose mobile phones. That remained mostly consistent with publisher respondents, in which 62% said their main screen of delivery and distribution of digital content was desktop/laptop, following by 20% tablet, 12% mobile and 6% SmartTV.

Audiences were then asked on which screens they would prefer to watch digital video (if there were no hindrances to their video viewing experience). An estimated 44% responded with SmartTV, followed by 22% for tablets and 19% for mobile phones. Publishers were asked on which screens they preferred for the delivery of digital video (if there were no hindrances to delivering digital video content), and 32% of the respondents chose mobile, followed by 26% desktop/laptop, and 22% SmartTV.

When audiences were asked to list the biggest problems they faced while watching video on their tablets or mobile phones, 61% of respondents said that digital video players take too long to load, 50% said they’ve experience videos that stop playing, 50% said they’ve experienced poor video quality, and 43% said they’ve received errors within video players. Audiences were also asked if they’d watch more video on their mobile devices if they did not experience these issues, and 93% responded with yes.

Audience sentiment was closely matched to publishers’ biggest obstacles in this area. When publishers were asked their biggest concerns when delivering video to mobile devices, 37% stated that their current video players did not align to their devices, 28% said their players took too long to load, and 17% said they received errors within their video players. When publishers were asked if they currently use a digital video player specifically created for mobile devices, 93% responded with no.

“Adaptive Medias’ survey results indicate a disparity between what audiences really want when it comes to digital video and what publishers are actually giving to them,” said John B. Strong, Chairman and CEO of Adaptive Medias.

Strong continued, “We believe a huge reason is that the majority of digital video players aren’t suited for mobile devices, but that needs to change since nearly three-quarters of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video in a few years. We’ve prepared for this with our Media Graph platform, which features a proprietary digital video player that has been built specifically for the mobile world.”

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