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Jim Chanos: Here are my energy shorts

Chanos: Short all major, leveraged oil companies

Crude oil companies could face more pain in the next decade, as producers may not cut contributions to an already oversupplied market, short seller Jim Chanos contended Thursday.

The Kynikos Associates founder noted he was short most "major leveraged oil companies." While he did not give a specific prediction for the price of oil, Chanos contended OPEC may not slow production, keeping supply high.

"If I was a member of OPEC, I'd be pumping as much as I could today while it's worth something because it might not be worth a whole lot by 2030," he told CNBC's "Closing Bell."

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Jim Chanos
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

Crude oil dipped once again Thursday. West Texas Intermediate and Brent crude prices have both fallen more than 40 percent this year, putting pressure on companies' balance sheets and dividends.

Chanos' bets against the energy space have focused on more than oil companies. He still holds a short position in SolarCity, shares of which rose this week after lawmakers agreed to a deal to extend investment tax credits beyond 2016.

"I wish I could borrow more" stock to short SolarCity despite the rally, Chanos said. He criticized the company's model rather than the solar industry overall.

SolarCity did not immediately respond to a request for comment.