CNBC Transcript: Interview with Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

Following are excerpts from the transcript of a CNBC interview by Geoff Cutmore and Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

Why is putting money into hotels the right investment for you?

Well it was kind of a dream in the beginning, I was always dreaming to have my own hotel and this is kind of normal conversation in Madeira when I met Eunice and this whole group and it was fun, of course, I have a shot with my team, the guys who take care of my stuff, and of course, with this man here next to me, because in my opinion he's the best guy to do business with in Portugal. and of course hes from Madeira too, him and his family so it was a good partnership, he has experience, he knows how to deal with this business, not just in Portugal but all over the world so it was great, feel very grateful with be part of this with him.

What do you bring to the branded hotel? Will the spirit of Ronaldo make these hotels stand out to the rest of the world?

This is where we say in a press conference, on experience in different areas on hotels, my image, my lifestyle, as you know, the guy who has more followers, it's me and it's been 10 until 40, and between this base of people you know, people who like me, the people who follow me every time, so i think we have all the ingredients to do it, ingredients just like my friend Roy (laughter)

Is this for millennials who like to party and have a good time? But they also like good tech in their hotels?

It's not all about that, we spoke before about lifestyle, it's not just a party part, because as you know, to be a professional, to be at the top level in many many years, it's not easy. you have to be like that, serious in your work, so in hotels, it's completely different.

In some ways you have to be smart, serious of course, but of course, as I said before my image will help with the experience of Pristana to make this business even better, I'm sure 100% that this is going to be different from the other ones because of my name, the way I live my life, my ambition, his ambition too so, we have everything

So let's talk about ambition, because you already have fashion brands, you have sports goods, now you're going to be on hotels. What is the ambition for the CR7 label, do you see yourself being like a virgin brand in the futur on many different services, business and on manufactured goods?

My ambition is kind of like in football, to be better and better. To work hard every time, at this partnership, because of that, because of his roads, the way he lives his life, the way he works hard to achieve this emporium, that's good, because I'm like that. Because as you know, football is not for your whole life, I want other things as you say, it's good, I have other brands, not just hotels which is the biggest business that I have and is something I don't have any experience. And to do it with him, for me, it's fantastic because as I said before, he's the number one and I'm the number one in football so, we have everything

Look, I work for CNBC, it's a business channel, we try and give people advice on how they can make money next year. We want them to have a safe bed so let me ask you if you look at 2016, think about the Euros, is Portugal a safe bet for the Euro Championships in 2016? Can they get out of their group, is it going to be tough? Or who would you put your money on for the Euros in 2016?

Well I think you should do this question to Dionisio because he has more experience in it than me and he knows how to get back the money. You know, to speak about football, we all try to do it the best we can. Portugal we have a fantastic potential, we have good things so we should think big. Why not to win something big? But the other question you should ask him not me.

I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask you and I think this is probably my last question, you'll have heard the news about the Chelsea boss leaving, you didn't always have the best relationship with him, how do you react today?

I react that I'm so happy to be in this partnership with Dionisio, it's a huge business for me. It's something that I'm so proud, with certain results, to do this kind of business with this man next to me. So for me it's an unbelievable moment. Of course, I'm not going to speak about football because it's not the proper moment to speak about that.

I can't get you to say anything, but what about your fans back in England?

I love English fans, they all don't suspect me they are very polite and I respect not just the English people, but the people who love me

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