Diet Doc Creates New Weight Loss Aid DietMind to Help Dieters Avoid Emotional Eating

ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stress, rampant during the holiday season, is one of the leading causes of emotional eating. During stressful times, millions of people self-medicate, turning to food to help produce endorphins in the body and cope with stress. While emotional eating may feel good in the moment, it is very detrimental to those trying to lose weight, or even maintain their weight throughout the holiday season. To help eliminate food cravings caused by stress, Diet Doc has created new DietMind, a powerful weight loss aid to help users balance hormones in the body and more easily resist stress induced emotional eating.

During stressful times in life, many turn to food as a coping mechanism. Just like a drug, food can easily become addictive, making it increasingly difficult to resist. To help dieters resist the addiction of food, and help eliminate stress induced emotional eating, Diet Doc has created a potent new weight loss aid, DietMind, a doctor formulated medication that helps balance hormones in the body, and aid in stress relief.

Anyone who has attempted to lose weight is aware of the many factors involved in successful dieting. One enormous contributor to weight loss success is finding the proper frame of mind to stay motivated and achieve success. All too often, lack of motivation leads dieters to abandon their weight loss plan. Being motivated and feeling driven and optimistic are often among the biggest differences between weight loss success and the often experienced cycle of failure. Between meal food cravings, lack of motivation, boredom, feelings of hopelessness each factor into the success of the diet.

DietMind helps users maintain a motivated, engaged sense of mind by optimizing endorphin and neurotransmitter levels in the brain. When endorphins like dopamine and serotonin are increased, the sense of well-being, motivation and drive also increase. This ideal situation leads to a higher diet compliance and reduced feelings of restriction when dieting. Feeling too restricted during weight loss can easily lead to cycles of food cravings and derail even the best intentioned dieters from success.

Another great benefit of Diet Doc's weight loss aid DietMind is assistance with stress management, another common trigger leading dieters to give up. DietMind raises GABA in the body, which helps reduce anxiety and stress, reducing cortisol in the body as well. Anxiety and stress are often at the root of food cravings for many people who use food as a way to help balance their emotions, or who use food as a reward for stressful days, and cortisol is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that leads to fat being stored in the belly area.

Diet Doc's weight loss aid DietMind is available in two unique formulations, one containing 5-HTP, and one without this ingredient, making DietMind safe for those with counterindications.

After being evaluated, the Diet Doc team of licensed doctors, nurses, and nutritionists will work together to develop a personalized weight loss plan for each patient. The company's doctor will prescribe one or more of Diet Doc's powerful prescription weight loss aids to help clients lose weight fast and stop emotional eating from preventing results.

All Diet Doc prescription weight loss aids are produced by an FDA approved compounding pharmacy in the USA, so there are never concerns regarding quality or purity.

Interested clients can contact Diet Doc toll free at 888-934-4451 today and schedule a free consultation with a leading doctor in the field of weight loss.
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