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How 'Star Wars' changed Hollywood's social media game

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Star Wars goes social
Star Wars goes social

"Star Wars" hype has taken over social media — and it's not just from force-sensitive fans.

Along with organic buzz about the movie, social media campaigns from brand partners such as Google and Verizon have filled up the news feeds of fans and non-fans alike for the past week.

Verizon's #TheoryWars campaign, while promoting the film, gave Twitter users a chance to win free movie tickets.

And Google's #ChooseYourSide campaign asked users to choose either the "dark side" or the "light side" as customized themes for their Google apps.

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Meanwhile, Disney itself has reportedly spent less on marketing the film than it might have spent promoting other blockbusters, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

On Twitter alone, there were 2.8 million tweets using the #StarWars hashtag in the last 30 days, according to Ted Murphy, CEO of online marketing firm Izea.

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In total, there were about 234 million "Star Wars"-related interactions across the brand's official social media accounts from January through November 2015, Murphy said.

Given the saturation of "Star Wars" material across social media, plot spoilers abound. But to the relief of "Star Wars" fans still waiting to see the film, there's also a Google Chrome browser extension that blocks websites that could contain movie spoilers.