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How to snag a last-minute holiday trip

A man watching the stars while camping in a yurt below the La Plata Mountains in Mayday, Colorado.

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Take the road less traveled

When you are having trouble finding any place at all, you will have better luck trying a destination that is not accessible by a direct flight.

"Those locations get taken first and will be the hardest to find availability at the last minute," said Susan Farewell, founder and CEO of Farewell Travels. She suggested trying a getaway spot that's a little further off the beaten path, like the French Caribbean island St. Barts, which may require a making a connection in San Juan, Puerto Rico, or the Dutch Caribbean island St. Maarten.

The same goes for accommodation types. If the hotels are booked, consider a boat, igloo or even yurt, suggested Todd Dunlap, a managing director of Booking.com. "People are looking for experiences and those nonconventional places are it." Another appeal: yurts are less expensive. "You are going to find a lot of better-priced options than conventional accommodations," he added.

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