Trinity Pet Hospital Urges Pet Owners to Make New Year's Resolutions

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., Dec. 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trinity Pet Hospital urges pet owners to make yearly resolutions for their pets as the New Year approaches. New Year's resolutions usually deal with improvements people wish to make in their lives as far as diet, weight, health care, exercise, etc. While pets are unable to make their own resolutions, the staff at Trinity Pet Hospital believes that pet owners should take this time to reflect on the care they provide to their pets year round.

Dr. Kerolos of Trinity Pet Hospital thinks the New Year is the perfect time for such resolutions. "When New Year's Day comes around we naturally reflect on the past year and what we would like to do differently in the next year. Some aspects of our pet's health care can slip our minds when the days get busy, but the truth is, they look to us to take care of them. Yearly vaccinations, wellness exams, regular exercise and a healthy diet are all things that we can do to ensure that our pets live the healthiest lives possible."

Dr. Kerolos recommends taking some time in early January to make the yearly veterinarian appointments for your pets. Scheduling a wellness exam. Make a list of behavioral and health concerns for your pet to discuss with the veterinarian to keep lines of communication open. Pet owners should discuss home care such as dental care, diet and exercise with the veterinarian to ensure that pets remain healthy. At these yearly visits, pet owners should bring any changes in the pet's health or physical body to the veterinarian's attention for evaluation.

Another important resolution is to spend more time with pets throughout the year. Pets serve as faithful companions to their owners and they grow lonely when their owners become busy with other aspects of life.

According to Dr. Kerolos, the worst situation a pet owner can find himself or herself in is the decision to end a pet's life because health care has become too expensive. "When a pet has become so critically ill that the owner can no longer afford to continue treatment, we call it an economic euthanasia. It is a particularly tragic situation because it can usually be prevented by regular wellness care such as vaccinations, dental care and parasite prevention." He urges his pet parents to look into a pet health savings account and pet insurance which can cover the cost of accident and sickness care.

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