Study of AntibioTx's  ATx201 Dermal Formulation Initiated at Sinclair Research Center

HOERSHOLM, Denmark, Dec. 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AntibioTx, a privately held pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of a novel class of antibiotics to treat bacterial infections and related disorders, today announced the initiation of a study to determine the repeat dose tolerability of the Company’s ATx201, a topical treatment for bacterial skin infections.

The study, entitled, “A 28-Day Dermal Toxicity Study of ATx201 Dermal Formulation Following Twice Daily Topical Administration with a 28-Day Recovery in Hanford Miniature Swine” will be conducted by researchers at the In-Life Testing Facility: Sinclair Research Center, LLC. The objective of the study is to evaluate the potential dermal toxicity of ATx201 Dermal Formulation after it has been administered topically twice daily for 28 days, followed by another 28-day recovery period. The study will be conducted on 26 Hanford miniature swine.

“We look forward to be working with Sinclair Research on this study,” said Morten Sommer, Chief Scientific Officer of AntibioTx. “This research will help us to move forward with the development of ATx201, an important treatment for a variety of skin infections and diseases. The initiation of the repeat dose study is an important milestone for the growth of our company. More importantly, it will bring us another step closer to providing the treatment to patients.”

Sinclair Research offers specialty biomedical research services in a large range of species encompassing most categories of applied human and veterinary medicine. Preclinical research services and preclinical studies compose a significant portion of their repertoire.

ABOUT AntibioTx

AntibioTx is a privately held, biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing next generation therapies to treat antibiotic resistant bacteria and infectious diseases. Their novel and patent protected class of antibiotics targets three primary indications that represent an initial target market opportunity of more than 10 billion USD. The candidates overcome current resistance problems and significantly delay the onset of de novo resistance. Additional advantages include reduced risk due to safe use for other disease types and opportunities for synthetization to target a broad variety of indications. AntibioTx’s product pipeline includes ATx201 for treatment of bacterial skin infections, ATx202 for treatment of acne, and ATx401 for treatment of C. difficile infections. All programs are currently under preclinical development.

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