Lightning Round: Your portfolio insurance policy

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Pandora: "They got that favorable copyright decision and the stock spiked, so therefore that decision was money in the bank and I think it is OK to buy now.

GW Pharmaceuticals: "There is a lot of controversy now about whether this drug is going to be used in many different instances, and whether or not it has run its course. The speculative biotechs I don't like. I like Celgene, I like Regeneron and I like Biogen for my charitable trust."

Goldcorp: "No, we are not going to mess with it. They have screwed up a lot. We are going to buy GLD as our insurance policy. That's the way to go."

Bristol-Myers Squibb: "It's only $2 off its high, so I think you will get a better opportunity. But you know me, I love the stock of Bristol-Myers.

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Marathon Oil: "No, I had to take a loss on Marathon Oil for You can only own so many oils, and this is not one that I wanted to own. I don't like the balance sheet.".

Cypress Semiconductor: "I am a believer in what T.J. Rogers [CEO] is doing and you get 4.5 percent yield. I do believe the company. I know he does too, because he's bought a ton."

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